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JCM Global is the worldwide leader and most trusted name in currency and transaction management products. For more than fifty years, JCM has been developing and designing innovative currency solutions for a diverse range of industries including gaming, vending, retail, finance, transportation and security.

Every employee at JCM strives to create innovative solutions to improve the cash handling process. These talented people drive JCM’s success and make up the teams that create our industry-leading products and deliver outstanding customer service in our locations all around the world.

JCM strives to be an employer of choice by providing challenging work, a competitive compensation/benefit program, and a positive working environment with open channels of communication. Our goal is to treat all employees with respect and dignity, maintaining a high level of integrity in all we do.

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Adult education teacher in front of his class.


我们力求凭借我们的高标准及经验丰富的支持人员提供卓越的产品支持、保证与服务。 了解更多


Adult education teacher in front of his class.

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我们的目标是让所有员工受到尊重并享有尊严,在我们所做的一切工作中保持高度忠诚 了解更多